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Memory & Alzheimer's Care in Englewood, Florida

Grand Villa of Englewood offers a Memory Care Neighborhood for residents with challenges such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. This comfortable, home-like environment allows for freedom of movement in an exit-controlled setting, with exceptional care available around-the-clock.

Memory Care residents receive all of our community’s services and amenities, with upgrades and special features to meet their specific needs. Our state of the art medication and resident care technology provides peace of mind by helping to ensure that care is provided on time. Residents live in private residences, or companion apartments with a roommate. The apartments are comfortable and inviting, and include many safety features.

Grand Villa of Englewood

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About the Memory Care Program

Our Memory Care program blends cutting edge technology and the most current research in memory care to create activities specifically for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Residents are involved in daily recreational and therapeutic activities such as music therapy, pet therapy, and sensory stimulation, to encourage independence and preserve dignity. We concentrate on familiar abilities to avoid frustration at not being able to accomplish an activity. We laugh, smile, and make eye contact and give lots of positive encouragement. If a resident becomes anxious or upset, we take a break. Below are two programs we have designed to support our Memory Care residents and their families.

Life Skill Stations

Throughout our Memory Care Neighborhood you will find Life Skills Stations that spark memories, interest, and interaction for our residents. These stations recreate familiar situations from the past, like a baby nursery, a garden, an office, or hobby workbench to engage residents in familiar situations, which can sustain their memories and provide cognitive exercise and physical movement. This special environment allows residents to freely explore, touch, and choose their own activities.

Respite Care

We also offer Respite Care, which gives family caregivers of a loved one with memory challenges a break from the stresses of home-care. Respite Care residents enjoy our community for a few days, a week or longer. Residents stay in comfortable apartments and enjoy all of the services, amenities, and socialization benefits of our community, while a family caregiver takes a break.

Contact us today at 941-479-3555 for additional information about Memory Care.

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